YouTube for SEO and Viral: Legal matters

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Well sooner or later you will probably have to face the task. Going viral, or at least try to do it, is one of the things YouTube could help you to do.

And if you’re doing this for your SEO customers, you at least would need to know what’s going on on the legal side and what create an account and publish means.

Let’s pretend, you create a channel, start publishing content, and your customer decides to start promoting his company on the comments, or offers services trough this. As soon as somebody would detect these practices probably would report you to YouTube. And after two warnings, account would get blocked.

As legal terms sometimes could be confusing, here’s some resume of most important points.

1.- Creating the YouTube account, means you accept the Terms of service.

2.- Terms of service acceptance means you are accepting implicitly the privacy policy, community directives, and copyright policy.

3.- You’re the only and solely responsible from everything that happens on your account.

4.- Suspicious actitivites obligue you to notify to Youtube, as you’re the responsible from your activities and the activities from everybody on your channel.

5.- Obviously, copyrighted materials, are not allowed on your channel, without permission from both license holders and YouTube.

6.- You’re not allowed to redistribute on any kind of support or medium content from YouTube.

7.- This point is interesting as you cannot use YouTube on your blog or web, to sell as the only way of achieving these sales. That means you can not set up a site with compilations from best YouTube videos and sell premium memberships to your site to watch these contents.

8.- You are not allowed to resell space for advertising into your even own contents.

9.- Don’t use comments or any place on the service to sell or promote yourself or offering professional services, and of course, consider notify the thirds doing this practices on your channel.

10.- Terms could be changed, and YouTube is free to delete your content if considers that infringe these terms.

11.- The content you upload, automatically you’re giving YouTube Global License non exclusive, royaltie free, and also user services, to: Access, view, redistribute, reproduce, and create derivative pieces from showing these contents but having into account the previously limitations. That means: You award YouTube a license to grant any TV the rights to broadcast your content BUT you can’t broadcast YouTube’s content without their permission. If I understood well, that’s pretty funny, to say something.

There’s lots of things more to read and study, but probably these are the most important ones to keep your customer informed about what upload something to YouTube means, and keep a channel open.

Here you have the link if you need further info.

Keep eyes open!

[ IMPORTANT UPDATE ] external links are allowed, YouTube does not check them, monitors, or become responsible from whatever could happen around them, so, thats important. Now should check if these are follows or no-follow links.

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