Issues Installing Nucleus CMS

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I have been struggling couple of hours tonight, trying to install Nucleus CMS properly. Tried to substitute ” ENGINE= ” by ” ENGINE= ” on install.sql file. I wasn’t successfull, all the tables were created (a small step forward), but config.php was not configured. Writing configuration manually on that file, also did not worked.

Got to put down the entire hosting, and created it again, but this time with MySql 5.1 instead of 5.5 . Then installation was smooth as silk, and just 3 minutes, I was writing this post. But lost a lot of time, just what I hate most to loose.

I love the look of Nucleus basic theme, feels like early 2000’s years, something between 2003-2004. Its a bit of pain in the, er, well you know, to install, but once you know its not compatible with latest MySql, everything its fine.

For the record, I’ve been waiting for 4 hours waiting for the domain until got activated. Damn, bit slowly isn’t it?. But domain looks good and sounds great, couldn’t believe it wasn’t registered at all!!!.

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