What is WOM and what can do for my brand

What is WOM and what can do for my brand
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Every brand entering social media world should not forget that, the basis from every strategy is empathizing with customers. And this applies to online and offline communications.

Brand sensibilization with their own customers is the most important and effective weapon to foster loyalty. Remember, social media it is not only about posting regularly, its all about building loyalty. Responsibility, responsiveness solving problems, customer care, customer support, turns a brand into a respectable brand.

If customers feel a brand responsibility or absence of it, organic ranking on search engines becomes favoured, as they the customers, tend to express himselfs on the network on a very social way. Absence of negative comments comes up with this advantage, but all in all do not forget that those negative comments need to be assessed, solved, and taken into account.

So please note that never this critics should be deleted or ignored! An unsolved negative comment left alone with no response it is poison for the brand.

But customers do not only show online their respect, disrespect, or happiness with brands, they do it also offline, and its a very very powerful (or dangerous) tool. This is what we call Word Of Mouth, being WOM strategy the acronym.

But lets see things on a positive fashion Sometimes brands, specially small and medium companies tend to forget this WOM, offline strategy in favour of online social media strategies, and guess you should be thinking now this is losing a great opportunity.

So every branded communication, from company towards customers should be looking forward on this direction, and it is a matter of all the employees to get conscious about the relevance of their offline customer interactions.

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