Uninstall MegaSync Mac client app

Uninstall MegaSync Mac client app
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If you are a data safety freak, and believe me you should be a little bit concerned about your data backup, probably are using one of the great cloud sync apps out there like Box, Drive, Dropbox, etc.

One of these options is MEGA, wich state of the art encryption, superb bandwith and huge storage free accounts, make it stand out as my favourite. In spite of being created by Kim Dot Com, have to admit is cool.

Probaby if you are using Mega and have a Mac, are using the Sync client. One of the issues out there is to uninstall MegaSync, as it runs on the background and if you don’t have the deskbar helper, you have no way to stop it and move it to the bin because OSX tells you that is open.

Here is where we usually go to open/remove applications.

And when try to eliminate it by sending to the bin…

Ooops! Unable to move it to bin because is open.

So here’s a little trick to be able to send it to basket. If this were Windows, it is as easy as go to services and stop the MegaSync service. On Mac the concept is the the same but the process is bit different.

First, go to Finder / Utilities and open up the Activity Monitor:

Then find out MegaSync process:

Click on it, and the click on the X button up left:

Are your sure? yeah!

And it is done! now remove safely the MegaSync application from OSX.


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