Pagination with Nucleus CMS

Pagination with Nucleus CMS
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Somewhat strange, but the thing is that Nucleus CMS doesn’t comes with something basic like pagination activated by default. While this could be funny to guess how implement it, doesn’t looks any logical at all.

Hot to do it:

Log in as admin, then on the left bar, look for “layout” cell, then just below its “skins”. Then on the right frame, you’ll see a table with your skin, in my case “default”. Then on the right cell, you’ll see “Main Index” link. Just click it.

Now you’ll see a viewport with a link to “main Index”. Click it and you’ll have the code editor view.

Insert this code on the part you want it to appear on your site, preferable inside the “content” div:

20140410-Captura de pantalla 2014-04-10 a la(s) 01.25.01

Now save it, clicking on update button below code editing window.

Time to download now the file called: default_right.css from the directory skins/default.

Insert this CSS styles:

20140410-Captura de pantalla 2014-04-10 a la(s) 01.24.09

Now save it, upload it again, and overwrite it. It’s done. Thank you!!

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